Debut author Christine Phoenix’s bio, edited for accuracy

This morning Teddy Pig posted excerpts from two books on his blog. One was from a forthcoming book by new author Christine Phoenix, the other from With Love, a novel in J. L. Langley’s well-known and liked With or Without werewolf series. The excerpts were similar, to put it mildly. I was reading TP’s post on my iPhone, so I couldn’t easily compare the excerpts word for word. I then tweeted Jane and Sarah the URL link along with the query, “Possible plagiarism alert?” Jane immediately replied “clearly plagiarism. My fave thing is reading [in] plagiarist’s bios [is] “I have worked on my Avatar Series for many years.”

(ETA: Teddy P. had obviously realized what was going on and was undoubtedly alerting the interested parties. Chris had linked to TP’s post as well. But I wanted to pass the info on quickly in case people hadn’t seen his post or Chris’s link, since he isn’t on twitter. Please, TP, come to twitter!)

I hopped on over to Phoenix’s blog* and read the “About me” section. It seemed to be lacking some pertinent information, so I thought it would be helpful to post a slightly updated version of it here:

Christine Phoenix is my alter-ego. The adventurist person I dream of being, so I express Christine in writing plagiarizing erotic romance. I have a very open mind and I am very liberal and you will see this in my stories that I have appropriated from other authors and submitted for publication as my own. My first Verbatim sections of  J. L. Langley’s book is are scheduled to be released in a book with my name on it on April, 2011 with Siren-Bookstrand. I have worked on my Avatar plagiarizing J.L. Langley’s With or Without Series for many years a while now and have several books awaiting edits and even more in various stages of completion. I love the idea of finally sharing my her stories with others and I hope the readers get as attached to my her characters as I have. On a more personal note; I have been married to my own soul mate since 1996 and we have four wonderful children, three strange dogs and one very stupid cat that my kids love but I refuse to claim. I would love to hear from my readers and hope to entertain you by plagiarizing J.L.’s and other authors’ work for years to come.


There. That’s better.


*For some reason, the blog is gone. I thought this might happen and saved the relevant bits here.

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  1. Oh, and I find the last name “Phoenix” very interesting – has this pseud risen from the ashes of a previous pseud that needed to go bye-bye for this same issue?

  2. Yes, the Phoenix part is interesting, isn’t it? I hadn’t thought of that, but it sounds plausible.

    Dhymphna, I live to exercise that skill. Yay.

    I edited the original post because I was afraid it read as if I was the one who figured this out, when Chris & TeddyP were way ahead of me.

  3. Sometimes the insularity and over-connectedness of the gay romance community feels stifling, especially when the kerfuffles get going. But this is one of the very very good aspects of that strong sense of community.

  4. I think these people are not very bright, plus they somehow talk themselves into thinking it’s not stealing/copying/plagiarism. And when you consider that major writers like Cassie Edwards, Janet Daily, Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Steven Ambrose get away with it (in the sense that they aren’t punished for long if they’re punished at all), maybe subconsciously they think they will too.

    • Actually Stephen Ambrose was punished. (Sorry I am late to conversation, just found this thread.) He paid monetarily to the author he plagiarized and also had to write a forward for him in his book. I only know this because the author SA ripped off was my writing professor as an undergrad.

  5. I mean what’s life without risk right? Writing is just too hard. I just wanna a easy buck. What’s the harm in that? /sarcasm

  6. Siren has removed the book from the April release list, and now the blog is gone. But since I saved the relevant bits, I updated the post and added the new links.

  7. Oh, my goodness. The blurb about the book is there, but you click the title and everything is gone.

    I have NEVER understood why anyone would do this. Especially in today’s world with the internet as it is. I mean, wtf did this broad think she was going to get out of this except a record with police?

    Thanks for posting about this douche. SO glad someone caught her (he? it? P.O.S.?) before things went further.

  8. from your cached page —
    The first book in my Avatar Series is to be released on Thursday, April 28
    at Siren Bookstrand. I finished my second, ‘Diamond Eyes’, featuring
    vampire Dominic Voss who is mentioned in the first book and the third
    (working title is ‘Knowing You’) is finished and just awaiting edits.

    i thought something sounded familiar. . . .

    The Vampire Voss

    Colleen Gleason
    April 2011, Vampire Romance
    Mira, $14.95, 384 pages, Amazon ASIN 0778329526

    the review doesn’t give gleason’s voss a first name.

    i’m very new to this whole discussion board/blog/cut&paste thing, so forgive me if i’ve done something incorrectly. i’m absorbing like a huge dry sponge and sometimes what gets squeezed out is a bit oozy.

  9. Elaine, you’re doing just fine with the internet comment stuff, this is awesome! Thanks so much.

    TeddyPig’s original thread is still going strong. I’m amazed by the extent to which people contest the obvious. I can’t believe I’m thinking about writing a blog post primer on intellectual property regimes and plagiarism. Good grief.

  10. is there an icon for blushing?

    i didn’t/don’t have any clue if there’s any infringing by phoenix of gleason, but i knew the name “voss” was familiar. and since i only discovered all these other wonderful blogs today (friday, by accident), i knew i had to have read about it at AAR. once there it was easy to find the review. coincidences like that just kinda ring little bells, y’know?

    that primer on intellectual property, e-copyrights, infringement, plagiarism, etc. sounds like a winner.


    • As you say, we have no way of knowing if the next books were going to “borrow” from Colleen Gleason. But it does seem strange that her vampire is named Voss. I suppose there may have been others with that name, but Gleason’s book came out recently and it’s the first of a well publicized and marketed series.

      I wish I had saved all of 2011’s posts, but I wasn’t thinking. But her 2009 blog is still around, and there are only 3 entries, all reviews of books. She was big on vampires back then too.

  11. Chris mentioned that you had a possible book no 2 – you are all so good at this sleuthing business!

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  14. LOL!!! I just read your article on this Christine Phoenix person (what a hame!), and the endpoint of her blog being missing. ~snerk~ What a shame that our lives of letters will be bereft of such a literary luminary.

    :) Thanks for posting about this; I’m only just finding out the details and am steamed on her behalf.

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