Big Fat Book Readalong, Week 2

by Sunita

falling behind bagAlternate Title: In which I confess my Week of No BFB reading. 

Sadly, despite ostensibly being on spring break, I managed to read not one word of The Betrothed. I had planned to, but I anticipated having reading time in the second half of the week and so did other things in the first part. Hah. My four-day trip turned out to be much more energy- and time-intensive than I expected, and as a result I didn’t even crack open the book. It sat on the table next to my bed, waiting patiently for me, but I never showed up.

That’s the thing about Big Fat Books, and why we often don’t finish them or even start them. They require a commitment of time and energy, and sometimes you find that you have one but not the other (and sometimes you have neither).

I’m not giving up, though, and that’s why I allotted the entire month to read rather than assuming I could polish it off in a week or two. I have a packed schedule for the next two weeks, but unlike the last few days I should be getting normal sleep at night, and interesting reading should provide the right kind of complement to the research paper I have to finish. Compared to quantitative analysis of violent conflicts, the 17thC travails of Lorenzo and Lucia sound eminently readable, if not downright giddy.

I know that Ros also had a mostly non-BFB week, so I feel less alone. If you had a good week, let us know in the comments, and if you didn’t, join Ros and me on the catch-up bench!

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