2013 update

by Sunita


Hey there. Happy New Year!

I’m still mostly on hiatus.

I’m going back on Twitter, but in a reduced capacity. I overhauled my follow list to make it more of a newsfeed and less of a romanlandia-centric channel. I still follow authors and many readers, but unless I have some kind of relationship with you or I don’t want to miss what you have to say, I’m probably not following. This is no reflection on the many interesting authors and bloggers out there. But I’m growing increasingly allergic to the various ways social media functions as a promotional venue, and Tweetbot’s mute button is an imperfect tool.

I’m still reviewing at Dear Author and don’t see that changing any time soon. And I still have a lively and enjoyable set of RSS feeds. I don’t catch everyone’s blogs (which is why going back on Twitter is attractive), but I try to lurk even if I don’t comment.

For any of you thinking of going on hiatus: Keishon was right. She told me, back when I took a month-long twitter break last summer, that a month wasn’t enough, it takes three months to wean yourself off and change habits. I didn’t entirely believe her then, but I do now.

I will be blogging here again, sporadically and probably even more eclectically than before. But even if there’s no real theme, I promise to make recipes a part of it.

See you on The Twitter.

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