My mini-DA weekend

by Sunita

This weekend Janine, Robin, and I had a mini-DA get-together in NorCal. I’m out here for the summer, as I am whenever possible, Janine came up from SoCal (choosing the vastly overhyped Carmaggedon weekend to get out of town) and Robin came down from NorBayArea to have lunch with us. I had met Janine last month in LA, and Robin and I had been planning to get together for ages but hadn’t managed it yet. It took Janine flying in to get us to coordinate.

We had a wonderful time. We ate Japanese food, Robin introduced us to the fabulous and evil Chocolatier Blue, and we talked and talked and talked. We debated the heroines inĀ The Shadow and the Star and My Sweet Folly. We agreed about lots of other characters and books. We gossiped. We talked Big Ideas. It was awesome. I stayed up way longer than I usually do and slept less. TheHusband cooked us dinner and made a strawberry-rhubarb pie. It could not have been better except if more DA people had been with us.

Like a lot of other readers, the internet has given me an intelligent, vibrant community in which to talk about romance. I don’t have fellow rom readers in my daily life, so until I discovered the online romance world I didn’t talk to anyone I knew about these novels, and I stumbled on new authors mostly by accident in a UBS or the library. It’s hard to overstate the pleasure of discovering like-minded people who don’t give you grief for your reading choices.

But rewarding as the online world can be, it doesn’t substitute for face to face interactions. It is just so much fun to talk for hours about something that is mostly a solitary activity, to argue about a character in a beloved book, or to try out blog or writing ideas on each other. I still wish I could have gone to RWA and IASPR last month, but this was a great substitute.

I’m a little worried, though, about finally finding out what all the fuss about Chocolatier Blue is about.

See what I mean? My bank balance is going to decrease at exactly the same rate as my waistline increases.

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