Writing romance is harder than it looks

by Sunita

I’m way behind on my Dear Author reviews, but in the meantime we’ve posted one of my essays there today. It discusses why veteran romance readers should look outside their normal reading choices, and for entirely selfish reasons, i.e., not to make oneself a better person, or more rounded, but just because we are frequently running out of options in the usual categories. I doubt there’s anyone who reads this blog who doesn’t read DA, but in case there is, go read and comment here or there, if you are so moved.

For whatever reason, the column made me think of bloggers past, and as I went surfing down the links hole (lots of blogs which haven’t updated in years, sniffle), I ran across an apropros strip from my favorite comic artists. Read and enjoy:

Via the much-missed Cranky Reader; source material is here.

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