Debut author Christine Phoenix’s bio, edited for accuracy

by Sunita

This morning Teddy Pig posted excerpts from two books on his blog. One was from a forthcoming book by new author Christine Phoenix, the other from With Love, a novel in J. L. Langley’s well-known and liked With or Without werewolf series. The excerpts were similar, to put it mildly. I was reading TP’s post on my iPhone, so I couldn’t easily compare the excerpts word for word. I then tweeted Jane and Sarah the URL link along with the query, “Possible plagiarism alert?” Jane immediately replied “clearly plagiarism. My fave thing is reading [in] plagiarist’s bios [is] “I have worked on my Avatar Series for many years.”

(ETA: Teddy P. had obviously realized what was going on and was undoubtedly alerting the interested parties. Chris had linked to TP’s post as well. But I wanted to pass the info on quickly in case people hadn’t seen his post or Chris’s link, since he isn’t on twitter. Please, TP, come to twitter!)

I hopped on over to Phoenix’s blog* and read the “About me” section. It seemed to be lacking some pertinent information, so I thought it would be helpful to post a slightly updated version of it here:

Christine Phoenix is my alter-ego. The adventurist person I dream of being, so I express Christine in writing plagiarizing erotic romance. I have a very open mind and I am very liberal and you will see this in my stories that I have appropriated from other authors and submitted for publication as my own. My first Verbatim sections of  J. L. Langley’s book is are scheduled to be released in a book with my name on it on April, 2011 with Siren-Bookstrand. I have worked on my Avatar plagiarizing J.L. Langley’s With or Without Series for many years a while now and have several books awaiting edits and even more in various stages of completion. I love the idea of finally sharing my her stories with others and I hope the readers get as attached to my her characters as I have. On a more personal note; I have been married to my own soul mate since 1996 and we have four wonderful children, three strange dogs and one very stupid cat that my kids love but I refuse to claim. I would love to hear from my readers and hope to entertain you by plagiarizing J.L.’s and other authors’ work for years to come.


There. That’s better.


*For some reason, the blog is gone. I thought this might happen and saved the relevant bits here.

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